Environmental Savings

By driving all electric BMWs, members have offset 587,437 pounds of CO2 or 29,983 gallons of gasoline. As DriveNow members, the feedback provided has helped shape BMW products and services, all vital to building future urban mobility solutions.

Research Support

DriveNow member participation in surveys has assisted research at the University of Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center: research which shows that people’s impressions of electric vehicles have changed in a very positive way by experiencing EV driving.

Next Cities

We are suspending operations in the SF Bay Area but we are reopening our service in new US cities and already have successful international presence in many European cities. More details on new US cities coming in 2016.

Beginning November 2, 2015, DriveNow will suspend its service in the San Francisco Bay Area. DriveNow USA launched as an electric vehicle car sharing pilot in 2012 in the Bay Area with great success and the hope of expanding our service city-wide so that all neighborhoods would have access to our vehicles with curbside pick-up and drop-off; as do DriveNow customers in Europe. The proposed program would have extended service to most SF neighborhoods, increasing access to our vehicles and making flexible car sharing more convenient than ever.

Parking permit regulations necessary for one-way car sharing to successfully operate still do not exist. Until the current regulations are amended, we must suspend service in the San Francisco Bay Area. We fully expect to return once the city reforms its parking policies to allow for one-way car sharing. We will continue to work with the city of San Francisco toward achieving that goal.

While we are disappointed to be leaving the Bay Area, we are excited about new prospective cities who are welcoming car sharing in their communities and offering the parking permits necessary to operate one way flexible car sharing. As an appreciation for your support and loyalty, we are happy to provide you with complimentary registration in these new cities when the time comes. We will be in touch with more details in the coming months.

“We hope to return to San Francisco in the future and will continue to engage with the City on possible solutions that will allow you to experience the full benefits of our one-way car sharing service. In the meantime, we are focusing our efforts on new cities where our transportation solution can flourish.  We would like to thank you for your loyal support and embracing flexible car sharing as an alternative transportation method.”
– Richard Steinberg, CEO DriveNow USA


Membership is a simple, a one-time, lifetime fee. Only pay per use. Your DriveNow Member ID or the mobile App gives you access to our entire fleet of vehicles. Pick up and drop off on the street, anytime you need.


Need a vehicle for an hour or a day? DriveNow charges by the minute, so keep the car for as little or as long as you’d like, just drop it off when finished. Fuel, insurance and parking are always included.


DriveNow offers vehicles for any occasion. Our fleet offers fuel-efficient conventional and electric BMW & MINI vehicles, so there’s always an option depending on your need.